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Corruption blitz netting only small fish

By Nelson Chamisa

THE arrest of GMB chief executive Retired Colonel Samuel Muvuti confirms to Zimbabweans that Zanu PF is the breeding ground of corruption and unbridle

d political patronage. The MDC believes that his arrest is a token attempt by a cornered regime to be seen to be taking action on a serious scourge that has taken root in the higher echelons of Zanu PF.

The MDC is convinced that this regime has no genuine political will to tackle graft and unmitigated theft that has become the hallmark of this government. Muvuti and Zupco boss Charles Nherera are just small fish in a bigger pond replete with corrupt sharks and tigers. Until the ministerial sharks and Zanu PF politburo tigers are targeted and brought to account, the war against corruption will be mere rhetoric and sloganeering. Zanu PF’s so-called anti-corruption crusade is merely targeting the small fish and leaving the bigger fish to continue looting state resources.

The regime should be pursuing genuine cases of corruption that have captured the attention of the nation over the years. A case in point is the Zupco saga, where Nherera and deputy Information minister Bright Matonga are being accused of corruption when bigger names that have been implicated are still free. Government and Zanu PF officials have been implicated in the looting of farms and farming inputs, the War Victims Compensation Fund and the Pay-For-Your-House scheme but they continue to freely roam the corridors of government.

A UN report has named several cabinet ministers and senior army personnel in the looting of diamonds in the DRC while one of Mugabe’s close relatives reportedly received kickbacks from those who constructed the Harare International Airport. All this has been swept under the carpet while small fish continue to be sacrificed on the altar of political expediency.

The MDC believes in a transparent and accountable government that has a genuine commitment to combat corruption and graft; a government with a well-funded police unit and an independent Attorney-General’s office that pursues all cases of corruption without any fears of a backlash from a tainted and corrupt political leadership.

We challenge national leaders and those holding public office to declare their assets publicly.

* Chamisa is an MP and MDC secretary for information and publicity.

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