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Be prepared, change is coming

DEAR constituents and friends

You will recall that I wrote to you in March that the regime has cracked and that the transition to a free and prosperous Zimbabwe is clearly visible on the horizon, al

though it may be some time before we can regain control of our lives through a new, democratically elected government.

Recent events, although both disturbing and frustrating, have confirmed this prediction. Zanu PF is fighting among itself — the “coup plot” is just the tip of the iceberg — but more importantly is busy doing all its usual nonsense while the country is fallling headlong into serious economic chaos.

You will also recall my suggestion that you link up with friends and neighbours as we face what lies ahead, because we need to stand together and help each other.

This reaching out and mutual support appears to me even more important today, as we enter a period of serious difficulty for most of us. We simply can no longer cope with these prices. This is the situation today, but what will it be in a month’s time, or by the end of the year?

Clearly the country will no longer be functioning in such a situation — indeed already it is not functioning properly in many spheres, as we know. Therefore we have to help each other and make contingency plans, to be as prepared as we can be for any emergency or unrest. We are not a country at war, but we are in the kind of situation prevailing in a country at war, and we need to realise this and plan accordingly.

The good thing about our situation is that we know that it is all part of the process of change.

Also, be prepared to vote, even if it means using the current discredited system.

Trudy Stevenson,

MP, Harare North

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