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Shumba stories take glitter off your paper

By Charlote Bandah

I HAVE held a lot of respect for the editorial policy of the private media in Zimbabwe and particularly the Zimbabwe Independent.

This was until you proved to me that you are no longer the leading business paper that used to shine.

Your report on the UPP launch left a lot to be desired. You sang praises of a man who committed suicide — Daniel Shumba.

That man is a true example of a failure and he has none but himself to blame.

Firstly, he got a licence that all were crying for and bought a PABX for a switch. The Independent wrote about his 112 (000) switch.

I am an expert in these issues and a consultant with 14 years of experience in network roll out. Shumba bought a 112-line exchange, owns no base station equipment and has no interconnections to any operator. You expect him to lead a nation with such lies?

His claim of a base station is wild. He needs to be schooled in telecommunications technology and language. A mast with avionic lights and no feeder and/or base transceiver station equipment is not a base station.

He lies that he has a base station, shame on him. I want Shumba to prove me wrong. He recruited some of the best brains in telecommunications but never utilised them. He is well-known to have put his money in horse racing (remember the TeleAccess Tankard), in politics (UPP) and other pursuits.

I attended one of the Tankards and he was proudly moving around and introducing Yvonne Chaka Chaka and former Miss Zimbabwe Victoria Moyo.

We must call a spade by its name. Shumba has nothing to show for his claims to operate. He promised CDMA technology which I am informed is going to be installed by Tel*One before the end of this year.

Now I understand he has not been paying his employees for ages and yet you sing praises of him.

Can we please have tangible evidence of the existence of Shumba’s empire. RIP Systems Technology, the company that he built, he has destroyed.

* Charlote Bandah holds a BSc Electrical Engineering, Masters in Telecommunications Technologies and a Masters in Business Administration.

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