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Dislodging this regime is the challenge

By RES Cook

WE are constantly being told about the various “challenges” facing Zimbabwe’s economy.

These, we are told, include infla

tion, corruption, negative publicity about the country, supposed “illegal” sanctions, under-utilisation of productive capacity, and power supply interruptions, among others.

The simple fact is that there is only one fundamental challenge facing this country: that of removing the regime that has destroyed the lives and aspirations of so many Zimbabweans.

Anyone who thinks that the removal of three zeros will affect anything other than the weight of the money we have to carry around is living in dreamland.

Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono continues to tell us that “failure is not an option”.

However, I would suggest that as long as this corrupt, incompetent regime remains in power, a more appropriate and accurate phrase would be “success is not an option”.

I desperately want to see an economic turnaround for Zimbabwe but that will not happen until the fundamental “challenge” is understood and steps taken to “walk it”.

No amount of populist posturing by Gono can overcome all the economic destruction wrought by his political bosses.

RES Cook writes from Ha-rare.

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