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Industrialisation in reverse

INDUSTRIALISATION is a central topic at this week’s Sadc meetings. Why such a subject should be on the agenda for a meeting in Zimbabwe is a mystery as the country has been vigorously engaged in de-industrialisation for years.

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Policy discord a throw back to inclusive govt

DESPITE Zanu PF blaming lack of delivery during the country’s Government of National Unity (GNU, 2009 to 2013) on policy clashes and inconsistency, governance confusion remains a remarkable feature of the Zanu PF government which incidentally has abjectly failed to deliver on most key promises.

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As house burns, whither Zim opposition

THE Zimbabwean economy is going through structural regression, with rapid de-industrialisation, burgeoning external debt, an over 85% formal unemployment rate and nominal growth due to declining investment and a biting liquidity crunch.

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African refugees drowning in apathy

The first thing to do, if you want to cut the number of refugees from Africa and the Middle East dying while trying to cross the Mediterranean, is to drop leaflets all along the Libyan coast teaching them about ship stability.

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ritesh anand1

Zim economy heads for further decline

The IMF recently released the 2015 World Economic Outlook Report. I am astounded by the complexity of the forces shaping macroeconomic evolutions around the world and the challenges facing the global economy, especially in Europe and emerging markets more broadly. According to the IMF managing director, Christine Lagarde, “growth will be moderate and uneven”.

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Industrialising through trade

While the last 15 years have seen relatively high levels of growth driven by a commodity super-cycle and strong internal demand from a growing middle class, Africa is still dependent on commodities for most of its export earnings.

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Dumisani Muleya

The architect of de-industrialisation

SADC leaders met in Harare this week to discuss a regional industrialistion strategy and roadmap at a time when Zimbabwe is undergoing massive de-industrialisation, amid company closures and job losses due to economic failure.

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