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Free, fair polls the real test

In news that could burst Zimbabwe’s post-coup bubble, the World Bank (WB) has projected the country’s fragile economy to grow only 0,9% in 2018, compared to Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa’s […]

Exploring ‘In Pursuit Of Righteousness’

IN last week installment, I carried out an interview with Regina Tendayi, author of In Pursuit Of Righteousness. Tendayi, who is an experienced human resources practitioner and HR expert, explores […]

The dilemma facing Zim

A new year has dawned and I think all Zimbabweans suffered over this past festive season from a hangover caused by the unscheduled departure of Robert Mugabe from the presidency. […]

The cost of the Mugabe era

A subtitle to this article could be: The Price of Tyranny or The impact of Bad Government. Whatever you call it in statistical terms, Zimbabwe resembles a country that has […]

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