Tsvangirai mulls recalling councillors

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai said today he is not stepping down despite mounting pressure for him to go.

Herbert Moyo

“You don’t just wake up on the street and say Tsvangirai must go,” he said adding that such decisions are made at national council meetings and endorsed by congress.

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai held a press conference at the party’s Harvest House headquarters in Harare this afternoon.

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai held a press conference at the party’s Harvest House headquarters in Harare this afternoon.

Tsvangirai told journalists at the party’s Harvest House headquarters in Harare this afternoon that the issue has not even come up for discussion.

“I can’t in the middle of a struggle just abandon people. To what end, to what objective, to satisfy Zanu PF or to satisfy people who have grudges against me. I have a constituency which has given me a mandate and that’s the mandate I’m going to pursue until 2016,” he said.

He said the party’s National Council will also be taking action against self-exiled treasurer-general Roy Bennett, who called for his removal.

“We are dealing with the issue with the very simple objective of ensuring that the party has an agenda,” said Tsvangirai.

He said he had not failed as his defeat was only because the election was stolen.

“If the election is stolen you can’t ask for leadership renewal unless you have other motivations.”

Tsvangirai said councillors who defied party directives and voted for Zanu PF mayors may be recalled.

Councillors in the MDC-T controlled towns of Kwekwe, Redcliff and Victoria Falls voted for Zanu PF mayors while Gweru and Mutare MDC-T councillors defied party directives to elect preferred candidates.

Addressing, Tsvangirai said the party “has a right to recall the councillors” and may exercise that prerogative as early as next week after getting reports on the matter from the provincial executive committees.

“It’s about whether they (councillors) executed the position they had been mandated by the party,” said Tsvangirai. “The democratic process is already taking place whereby the councillors will have to answer to district councils whether they carried out the mandate they were given by the party.

“That information will be given to us as an executive next week and we will make a decision.”

Tsvangirai also took the opportunity to announce a 21-member shadow cabinet to “keep President Robert Mugabe’s government in check and ensure they meet their commitments to the people of Zimbabwe”.

Below is the MDC-T shadow cabinet:

The Shadow Cabinet will have five key priority areas;

International Relations and Co-operation: Gorden Moyo

Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources: Thamsanqa Mahlangu

Finance and Economic Development: Tendai Biti

Defence: Gift Chimanikire

Health and Child Welfare: Ruth Labode

Basic Education: Concilia Chinanzvavana

Higher Education Science and Technology: Peter Matarutse

Local Government: Sesel Zvidzai

Transport: Elias Mudzuri

Communications: Nelson Chamisa

Mines and Minerals Development: Abednico Bhebhe

Energy and Power Development: Morgen Komichi

Agriculture, Land and Water Development: Sipepa Nkomo

Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs: Jesse Manjome

Home Affairs: Lilian Timveos

Industry and Commerce: Tapiwa Mashakada

Labour, Employment and Social Security: Paurina Mpariwa

Women’s Affairs, Gender and Community Development: Lucia Matibenga

Youth, Sport, Arts & Culture: Solomon Madzore

Public Works and National Housing: Joel Gabbuza

Planning Commission:

Jameson Timba

Theresa Makone

Douglas Mwonzora

Tongai Matutu

Elton Mangoma

17 thoughts on “Tsvangirai mulls recalling councillors”

  1. WEDU says:

    Funny HE woke up oneday and said Mugabe must go.

  2. mukorekore says:

    Mugabe owes power to Israel which he bought for 3billion usd. Zanupf supporters are not ashamed of this political prostitution by their leader.

    1. Homo Habilis says:

      Off topic ndesaka usinyadzisa. Mugabe apinda papi paRecalling of councillors nemaShadow minister eMDC-T? Udesenguhwa

  3. Biggie Taapatsi says:

    Before this clueless lot decides to recall their ‘misbehaving’ councilors, they better do their homework for the resultant by-elections, lest the party ends up worse off!

  4. Ali says:


    Tsvangirai you are a hypocrite. Who is always waking up and shouting that Mugabe must Go? You failed the people please go or the people will remove you violently! Sounds familiar hey Tsvangirai?

  5. Mugandani says:

    (a) Va Mugabe havazikuzoenda nokuti vari kutungamirira bato riri kukunda mamwe mapato +100%
    (b) Va Tsvangirai havazikuzoenda nokuti vari kutungamirira bato riri kukundwa namamwe mapato -100%
    The Americans say, figure it out”yourself

  6. G Tichatonga says:

    Ruth Labode wakomana…..mapererwa chaizvo.

  7. G Tichatonga says:

    Recall those councillors tigonyatsokudyai zvinemutsindo. Morgan should realise that imposing candidates on people does not work. The ruling party learnt a painful lesson yet MDC.T learnt nothing at all. Hudofo wacho hunosemesa.

  8. Ali says:

    By appointing a shadow cabinet are you now accepting defeat, cry baby Tsvangirai?

  9. ICHO says:

    mdc is now crazy,recalling who?try it and they will make sure they will fight till mdc is no more.You dont know who stole the vote hey,first it was that so called Israelli gang,now its the Chinese,Angolanz,,,,, hahaha its the people who reclaimed their souvreignity and resources that MDC had stolen using sanctions and imperialists.
    Nyarai kana makundwa.You think the shadow cabinet will stop the rolling zanu pf machine?

  10. Louis viton says:

    tumatendency twehu dictactor….Mwari vane chinangwa,Regai zvidyiwe

  11. takudzwa says:

    simudza jombo tiende

  12. Hunda says:

    Tsvangirai says i cant go because the revolutions is not over- that is to remove mugabe after 14 years and counting

    Mugabe says i cant go because the revolution is not over – that is to empower zimbabwe economically 33 ears and counting

    So what is the difference

  13. Melusi Manzini says:

    When Bhebhe, Mguni, and Norman Mpofu defected from MDC to MDC-T they celebrated this as democracy. Now the councillor following the MDC-T internal democracy vote for ZANU PF, what do they get? Recall. If the same act was good for them in the past why should it not be good against them now? Why did the MDC-T not buy its councillors to vote their own and letting Zanu PF buy them?

  14. ROBBY says:

    Now a gud picture has been drawn for Swangilayi. His councilors voted in their littleness for the Mayors and I am wondering where is he going to lay the blame. I believe he has now came to his sense and realized that no vote was stolen from him. Swangilayi, swallow the towel and accept your defeat

  15. Chokx says:

    “You don’t just wake up on the street and say Tsvangirai must go,” This dude this and just woke and said Mugabe must go. Ndindingwe…. anguazare ivhu eish short memory

  16. Troy says:

    This kind of behaviour will not happen in Zanu PF. The biggest problem in MDC is lack of discipline. Just too many chancers because of poor selection and lack of a clear ideological position. And the leadership is hesitant to act lest it is labelled dictatorial. It is apparent that the councillors were bribed to vote that way and any party worth its salt would take decisive action. Zanu PF is a well-oiled and disciplined political machine and Tsvangirayi has got a lot to learn from Gushungo ifhe is still dreaming of being State President.

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